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FAX Server

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SMS Server

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Gateway GSM

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IP Phones




GSM Board



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Update from release 5.2.0 to release 5.2.1.X

Voismart Dev Team is proud to announce the new Orchestra 5.2.1-50 Release, the engine of all Voismart VoIP products.

New features and bugfixes:

  • AutoProvisioning support for following phones:
 ** Aastra 53i
** Aastra 55i
** Aastra 57i
** Snom 300 (fw 7.35+)
** Snom 320 (fw 7.35+)
** Snom 360 (fw 7.35+)
** Thomson 2030S (fw 1.62)
** Thomson 2022S (fw 1.62)
  • Remote Phonebook for following phones:
 ** Aastra 55i
** Aastra 57i
** Snom 320 (fw 7.35+)
** Snom 360 (fw 7.35+)
** Thomson 2030S (fw 1.62)
** Thomson 2022S (fw 1.62)
  • New conference engine not hw dependant, now available also under Xen/Vmware vms.
  • New phones configuration pages
  • Web Interface customization
  • New backup subsystem. From now global backups from releases 5.0.0 and 5.2.0 can be imported.
  • ISDN lines monitoring
  • New call recordings system
  • Call recording can be started/stopped from Snom360
  • New update subsystem
  • License can be updated online (for new features...)
  • Improved T.38 gateway performances
  • Added custom fields support to DHCP server
  • Added searchable notes field to fax page
  • Bugfix memory leak on fax spooler
  • Bugfixes on queue and user stats
  • Bugfixes on serial console
  • Several minor bugfixes

If updating from 5.2.0 to 5.2.1, the update requires to download 60MB of data.
At the end of the update, this operations are strongly encouraged:

  • reload zapata
  • reload conferenze
  • reload uplink
  • reload dialplan
  • reboot pbx

The call recording feature is now subject to license.
For those already using call recording on 5.2.0 release, can request a free upgrade to the new license entering the PBX web interface, selecting "Configuration/License Information" menù and by clicking on "Update License".
The PBX must be connected to the internet for this to work.

Update from release 5.0.0 to release 5.2.0

Voismart Development team is proud to announce the migration package from release 5.0.0 to release 5.2.0.

    - This update requires 500MB of free space on your PBX at least. Once ended the update, 500MB will be free.
    - The system requires internet connection to update.
    - 250 MB of additional/equivalent software will be downloaded
    - The Upgrade may require several minutes based on download dimensions or connection type.
    - Do not interrupt the update. Any interruption may cause PBX to malfunction.
    - Do not update if relevant features and/or bug fixes are not present.
    - In case of FaxServer interface presence, this one will be integrated on PBX interface.
    - The only FaxServer configuration (if present) will be lost, and a new configuration will be necessary.
    - Backup of 5.0.0 version is not compatible with 5.2.0 version. You can make a backup after update.
    - Do not update if there are user in the format "name.surname".
    - Reboot you system after update
    - In case of problems, please contact the VoiSmart help-desk service