4.8.11 Global variables V5

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The Global Variables option permits the visualisation of the complete list of global variables defined by the PBX in ascending and descending order and based on the name of the variable or its value. Having selected a variable, click on the labels “Variable” and “Value” positioned in correspondence to the boxes, or select by filtering only those that correspond to that which is entered in the corresponding boxes.

A global variable is in reality a constant that can be used in the programming of the central unit. It is possible to add or modify variables.

Attention: The modification of global variables, if executed incorrectly could prejudice the correct functioning of the PBX. It is an operation that must be effectuated only by competent personnel. The preset global variables are:


CONTEXT NOTTE: Default Context for the Night Service

MAX_FW_HOPS: Maximum number of forwarding a call during a redirection

MAX_EXTEN_CALL: Maximum number of calls managed on the telephones

EXTEN_NOTTE: Default Extension of the Night Service

PRI_NOTTE: Default priority of the Night Service

TIME_TO_RECALL: This is the time within which the call will be re-addressed after an unassisted transfer that was not satisfactorily concluded (it is a complete global variable and is expressed in seconds)

RING_TIME: The ringing time of an extension during the call before the called person is considered not available (it is a complete global variable and is expressed in seconds)

DIAL_OPTION: Options of the Dial command for calls between extensions

PWD_NOTTE: Protection password for the Night Service

ENABLE_RECALL: Enablement of the recall on the occupied telephone (1 = Active, 2 = not active)

Click on the Pencil.jpg key to modify the existing settings

Click on the X.jpg key to delete the current settings on a line.

Click on the Add blu.jpg key positioned to the left at the bottom of the table to create a new Global Variable.

The following window will be displayed:


It will therefore be possible to define the name of the new Variable that is to be created and associate the corresponding value to it.

The operator can confirm the data entered by clicking on the “Update” key.

Click on the “Back” key to return to the previous page.

Click on the “Reset” key to leave the insertion of new data.